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The Milk Droplet Nursing Pillow

The Milk Droplet Nursing Pillow

Introducing the Milk Droplet Nursing Pillow

Designed by a breastfeeding mama of 6

The Milk Droplet is light weight, organic, has a sturdy tote handle & comes with a removable cover.

The Droplet's contoured shape and perfect fill makes this the pillow you'll grab when it's nursing time.

Our breast feeding pillow gives you support ONE side at a time. No need to be surrounded by a big bulky pillow.

The Milk Droplet is the perfect size for all breastfeeding babies, from infants to toddlers.

Natural kapok fill is 'fluffable' so you can make it just right for you.

Washable, removable pillow cover has a convenient carry handle and durable heart shaped snaps. NEW IMPROVED easy change pillow case.

It's perfect for every family member as a 'between the knees' pillow, especially pregnant mamas looking for that comfortable position.

The Milk Droplet makes a wonderful nap and travel pillow too.

The perfect gift for all breastfeeding moms.