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Upcycled Charm

Happy New Year everyone! 

We're so excited to add our handcrafted home decor items in 2023.

Little signs, jewelry,  home accents and more. We're adding new inventory every week, so check back regularly to see what charming pieces we have.

Best of all,  our made in Maine goodies are crafted from upcycled wood, leather, fabric bolt ends and more.  Each piece is a one of a kind creation. 

We have some fun heart inspired pieces for the season. And to usher in the new year we have free shipping on orders of 3 or more handcrafted items. Use code 'three' at checkout.  

Give everyone a cozy place to hang out!

We hope you are all finding joy in the warm weather and sunshine days of Spring!

Many around the globe are experiencing big and small changes in our everyday lives,

are you......

home from work and working from home?

home from school and schooling from home?

that means....

more time together, more laughs, more hugs, more tv watching and more gaming, more sitting around talking, laughing and playing board games.

Give the kids and grown ups some fun and cozy places to sit, snuggle, gab and enjoy with our organic Bean Bags.

Our Bean Bags come in 2 sizes and styles,  bunches of fun colors, organic cotton or hemp, have removable and washable covers and are filled with organic latex fill. No plastic, no beads, just natural squishy fun!!

Humanity Organics wishes you all a safe and joyous spring!


Black Friday Savings and FREE gift with purchase!

Thanksgiving is almost here and so is Black Friday. Big savings and free gifts with each purchase!

Buy the Humanity Family Sleeper or Family Sleeper Plus and get our charming set of 3 Exclusive Baby Africa Art prints free, a $20 dollar value.

These lovely prints are 8 x 8 inches. Printed on high quality acid free paper, they are perfect for your baby or toddlers room, children's rooms, play areas and reading nooks. A little piece of Africa to add fun and whimsy to any space.

Lion, Zebras and Giraffes oh my!



Baby Steps to Green- Composting

Welcome back to our Baby Steps to Green journey.

This week we're heading compost.

More than 20 percent of all garbage heading to the landfill is food waste. That's a lot of garbage that could easily be recycled

Tossing kitchen scraps and left overs into the trash bin also attracts insects, molds...and makes your garbage extra stinky!

By composting all food and table scraps, you'll be reducing pests, stinky odors and turning  'garbage' into new rich soil for your garden or's easy!!

first off....what is composting?

Basically, composting is taking decaying food or plant matter and turning it into soil. 

When we send our plant matter from left overs, kitchen scraps, leaves or grass clippings to the land fill, bugs, birds and natural creepy crawlies don't get to eat away at the decomposing plant matter....partly because it's bagged in plastic, preventing necessary oxygen for decomposition, and partly because once your bags head to the landfill, they are soon covered, where the decomposition is again halted.

Decomposition via composting on the other hand starts in just hours and you can have fully composted soil in as little as 3 months. A composting system can be as simple as a pile on the ground...this is how we do it on our farm...or can be more elaborate with partitions to sort newer from older compost or barrels that are easy to rotate and make soil faster. You can also make DIY versions to save money.

There are a variety of bins you can purchase to hold your scraps until you actually compost them, or you can use an old bucket or even a glass or metal bowl. Some people toss scraps in a bag in the freezer to keep odors down until they can get it out to the composter or out to the city compost pick up. 

And be sure to check your packaging as well. There are more companies providing compostable packing material like corn starch packing beans to compostable containers that hold mushrooms, tomatoes or other produce. Those items can be added to your compost too. (check out our compostable kitty toys here)

Whether you're pitching your scraps in to the city compost system or tossing your green 'garbage' in your own bin in the back yard, you'll be helping make new, fresh soil for planet earth and sending less to the landfill. Win, Win!!

Think of the impact we could have on landfills if everyone started a simple compost pile. -if you live in the city, check to see if your local collection service offers compost pickup, or check our links below for systems you can use to compost right in your apartment!

Another baby step to a green lifestyle for your family. 🌿

We've added helpful links below to help you get started with composting.

Stylish compost bins- click here-  but remember, you can use any old bowl or bucket to get started!

How to compost- click here  , here, or here, for how to and getting started info. 

Happy composting!!♻️


Baby Steps to Green- Natural Cleaners

Welcome back! Still in the kitchen this week, and we're talking about cleaning.

Cleaning products can be a source of many chemicals and artificial ingredients, plus they are costly and the packaging adds to the landfill.

Here are some great Homemade cleansers that will do the job, rid your home of the chemicals and toxins, and because you can reuse the container you make them in, less waste for the planet.

First you need to gather a few supplies. Simple spray bottles available at the local dollar or department store or glass bottles with spray nozzles can be reused over and over.  You can also rinse out old cleanser bottles and use them for these recipes. Try not to use bottles that previously had toxic cleansers in them though. 

Please note- the essential oils are for fragrance only in these recipes. You can leave them out if you prefer. 

 Easy All Purpose Cleaner- Perfect for the kitchen. Cuts oil and grease, it's made from just 4 simple ingredients and you can choose any fragrance you like.

ingredients -

1 3/4 cup tap water or distilled water

1 cup white vinegar

1/4 cup liquid castile soap like Dr. Bronner's or a similar brand (unscented)

essential oil of your choice- lavender, orange, lemon, or even tea tree. 

(about 30 drops of essential oil)

How to- Mix all of the ingredients in the bottle using a funnel to prevent spilling. Put the lid or cap on and give a good shake. Be sure to label the bottle or use a permanent marker.  Once you have a few homemade cleaners around the house it can get confusing which is which.

Give your cleaner a good shake before using to mix in the oils that can separate after sitting for a while. 

This stuff works great, doesn't leave a residue and you don't have to rinse it after use. There's NOTHING toxic in it either, so you can use it on highchairs, kitchen tables, counters, stovetops and more. 

 Easy No Streak Glass Cleaner- This 4 ingredient, NO streak glass cleaner is super easy to make and will save you money too.


1 cup rubbing alcohol

1 cup white vinegar

1 cup distilled or tap water

plus 30 drops essential oil of your choice 

How to-

Same as the last recipe, just use a funnel to add the ingredients to your bottle, put on the spray top, and give a shake to stir. 

This glass cleaner works better than the standard store bought traditional and natural versions for me. The windows came so clean it looked like the glass was missing. Not kidding. I found spraying the window from top to bottom, giving it a few seconds to break any grime or fingerprints down, then wiping worked best. You can go over really messy doggy nose prints...several times for best results. AND, since it's non toxic, you don't really have to worry about using extra or it spraying residue to your floor below because it's just water, vinegar and alcohol. 

 Easy Wood Cleaner- This easy make wood cleaner is GREAT for your cabinets, wood tables, and you can take it along to clean your living room tables, bed room side tables and more! 


1/1/2 cups distilled or tap water

1 cup white vinegar

8 tablespoons olive oil (avoid soy or corn oil as they can leave a sticky residue)

30 drops of orange or lemon oil- I like to use orange as it's often used in wood preservation and cleaning products, has wood conditioning properties and smells great!

how to-

Again, just funnel the ingredients into the bottle...I used an old dishwashing liquid bottle with the pop up top so I can shake it vigorously before using and easily squirt it into a thick cleaning cloth to wipe on my cabinets and other wooden surfaces like our coffee table and piano top, that way, I'm not getting off spray of oil on other surfaces nearby.

I LOVE this stuff. It removed fingerprints and marks from my cupboards and gave them a nice sheen. The more you use it, the more it will condition your wooden furniture pieces.

Making homemade cleansers SAVES MONEY, keeps your home CHEMICAL FREE,   and...they WORK GREAT! 

another plus is, children LOVE helping around the house, and you can feel better knowing it's just vinegar, water and natural fragrance that might get on their little hands. Of course always encourage the little ones to wash up afterwards, never put cleansers in their mouths or eyes, and always ask mom or dad if it's safe first.

We hope these cleanser recipes will help you take a BIG baby step toward a more natural lifestyle. These cleansers can be used not only in the kitchen, but the bathroom, laundry area, living room, bedrooms, (glass cleaner) EVERY window in the house and even car windows, greenhouse cleanup, and more.

I find these recipes make more than I can put in my small spray bottles, so I store the excess in old quart jars with labels for easy refill when I run out.  

Pass these fun, inexpensive recipes around to family and friends. 

I created a printable version below.

Easy Cleaner Recipes printable click here

Thanks for joining us in the Baby Steps to Green journey!

Humanity Organics

Baby Steps To Green-Clean Pure Water

Welcome back to our Baby Steps journey.

We're in the Kitchen again this week and the topic is Water.  We know how important drinking enough water is for our health, but what if that water isn't safe, clean water?

If you live in the city or on a public water system, you may be getting more than just water when you fill a cup. Most systems in the US fluoridate water, and most filters like Brita or Pur pitchers don't filter out that Fluoride. 

Most of the developed world chooses not to add chemical fluoride to the water system, including most of Europe. See the articles with links listed below to learn about which countries add Fluoride, which don't and how the countries that do, are slowly removing the chemical from their water systems too.

Only 5% of countries Worldwide add fluoride. Did you know that there are more people drinking fluoridated water in the United States than the rest of the world combined? If you are concerned about added fluoride to your tap water, we've added links to pitcher filters, sink filters and whole house filters to help clean up your tap or well water. 

Old pipes can also be a source of lead in your drinking water. It's recommended that you run your faucet for 3-5 minutes in the morning before filling up your cup, coffee pot or saucepan. 

Lead has a hefty list of dangers associated with it- Lead poisoning can affect virtually every body system; it can damage a child's central nervous system, kidneys, and reproductive system. At high levels, lead can cause coma, convulsions, and death

The pitchers and whole house systems address lead too. They can be costly, but will give you peace of mind knowing your water is safe for the whole family. 

 If you are worried about lead, fluoride or other contaminants in your water, you can send in a sample to be tested or you can buy a home test kit and do it yourself. See the links below including the Best water testing kits of 2019.

Happy journey to a more green and clean lifestyle!

Countries that DON'T add Fluoride

No Fluoride countries

Fluoride information 

water pitchers to remove fluoride

water pitchers on Amazon

Clearly Filtered water pitchers 

CDC link with tips for reducing lead

Joseph Mercola - Fluoride information

Fluoride Alert website

Lead info- where it comes from, how to prevent it

EPA info about lead

Healthy Children - lead in tap water and plumbing 

water testing kits on Amazon

The Best water testing kits 2019

Baby Steps To Green- The Dirty Dozen

Welcome back to our Baby Steps to Green journey.

Our first step was super easy...removing shoes at the door...stopping germs and pesticides in their tracks before they enter the home,

For our second step we tackled the laundry room. Switching just a few products to more natural options or making them yourself rids your family and laundry of unnecessary toxins.

For our next baby step, we're heading to the kitchen.

The Kitchen is the BIGGEST room to tackle in your going green journey, so let's start with the most toxic first.

Have you heard of the Dirty Dozen?

Not the old Army movie 😀, but the list of fruits and veggies that have the MOST pesticides in and on them when tested.

Here's the most recent list of the Dirty Dozen-

  1. strawberries
  2. spinich
  3. kale
  4. nectarines
  5. apples
  6. grapes
  7. peaches
  8. cherries
  9. pears
  10. tomatoes
  11. celery
  12. potatoes

You can print our handy Dirty Dozen wallet list  off and take it with you to the grocery store to help you at shopping time. You can either avoid buying these fruits and veggies, buy them organic, or if you have the space and time...grow them yourself. 

Another good suggestion for where to start going organic is "what do I eat the most?" If you eat breakfast cereal every morning for instance or peanut butter several times a week, going organic on those items is another good start.  Similarly, if you rarely eat celery or tomatoes, buying those in non organic will have less of an impact on your toxin overload. 

The list is put into the order of most pesticide count to least, meaning strawberries are the most toxic, and potatoes the least. 

So, if you LOVE those strawberries, try buying organic, at local farmers markets that are pesticide free or try starting your own strawberry patch. Gardening is healthy and a fun family activity. It gets you outdoors, soaking up some needed vitamin D, and can be a life long hobby.

The same for spinich, kale, tomatoes and even celery are relatively easy to grow in the garden. You'll eliminate pesticides from your diet and save money at the same time. Any excess produce that your family can't eat up right away can be shared with family and friends, sold at the local farmers market or stored for later use. You can freeze, dry and even pressure can your own garden veggies for year round home grown goodness. 

 download our Dirty Dozen wallet card  and print one to take along to the market. Be sure to share the link with family and friends who are going green too. 

Thanks for joining us on fun and easy path to Going Green with baby steps 🌿 


Easy O's - the 3 minute cookies

In a rush for some sweet goodness? 

This NO BAKE cookie recipe is organic, super fast, and your kids will LOVE them!

You can substitute the organic ingredients for non organic if you don't have them on hand.

Before starting the recipe have ready 2 small baking sheets, flats plates or trays lined with parchment paper. 

We use 'If You Care' brand parchment paper. It's chlorine free, compostable and it works great! You can also use waxed paper but be sure to double layer it so it's easier to remove the cookies when they cool. You might be able to use a lightly buttered surface, but you'll need a firm flat spatula to remove the hardened cookies when they're done.

You'll need a medium sized sauce pan, a wooden or long handled spoon and the following ingredients.

2 cups Organic sugar

1/2 cup Organic butter

1/2 cup Organic milk

1/3 cup Organic powdered cocoa

3 tablespoons Organic peanut butter

3 cups Organic oats

optional- 1 teaspoon organic vanilla or almond extract. They are plenty flavorful without the added flavoring so we usually go without this to save money.

Cooking time-

Add sugar, butter, milk, and cocoa to your saucepan and cook over medium heat, stirring during the process. Watch carefully as the mixture melts and comes to a boil. 

Once the mixture reaches a boil, set your timer for 3 minutes. Keep stirring and make sure the mixture doesn't stick to the sides of the pan. If it seems like it's sticking, turn your stove down a bit, but maintain the boil.

After the 3 minute boil, turn off the heat. You can now add the optional flavoring if you wish.  Stir in the peanut butter and oats. Stir well making sure it's thoroughly mixed.

While the mixture is hot, ladle dollops of cookie batter onto your parchment lined cookie sheets in what ever size you like from button sized to 1/4 cup dollops. 

You can now either leave them on the counter for about 30+ minutes to cool and firm, or you can put the trays in your freezer. They are ready in about 15 minutes using the freezer method.  Be sure to have some space made ahead of time in the freezer and put a kitchen towel down under your trays if your freezer shelves are glass so the heat doesn't crack them. 

After they cookies are firm you can simply lift them off of the parchment paper and voila'. If you used was paper you might need to peel the paper off gently.

They will store nicely for several days...if they last that a covered container.

Enjoy! 🍪


Baby Steps to Green- Room by Room

Going Green can be fun and easy. Follow along with our weekly Baby Steps to greening up YOUR home.

Room by Room-  

Baby Step 2-

We'll start with the Laundry Room. Take a look a the products you use in your laundry room. Compared to other rooms, this is an easy place to start because there aren't really that many products to tackle and they can be homemade or easily bought in Natural or Organic versions.

You can switch all of your products at once on your next shopping trip, or just one at a time as they run out. You will find some you like, some you don't (try again) but each switch will be a step to a healthier lifestyle and less toxins for your family.

Laundry Soap- The laundry soap section at most grocery stores now carry at least a couple of natural choices. Read the packages for ingredient lists, read the companies stance on environmentalism, packaging and recyclability, and of course price will be a consideration too.  You can also make your own laundry soap from simple ingredients and save even more money, reuse the same bottle or packaging over and over and you'll know exactly what's going on your families laundry. 

Natural Laundry Soap Recipe plus lots of info about the toxins in traditional laundry products.

Laundry Softener & Dryer Sheets- We gave up softener many years ago, and found that the dryer got our laundry soft enough for our needs, but if you're really hooked on that super fluffy feel, there are natural fabric softeners at the store and you can try these online recipes for homemade.

Natural Fabric Softener Recipe-

Adding white vinegar to your final rinse of your washing machine will add softness. It's all natural and inexpensive. Dryer sheets contain plenty of toxins and artificial ingredients and fragrances too, so we found using Dryer Balls has helped keep static down, softens the laundry and drys your laundry faster too. You can buy them, or make them yourselves.

Dryer Balls How To- you can add natural essential oils for fragrance too. 

Don't forget in the warm weather you can hang your laundry out to dry. If your towels come out rough you can just toss them in the dryer on air/no heat cycle for a few minutes to soften them up and you'll still be saving energy compared to a full heated cycle.

Washing Machine Cleaner- If you've used washing machine cleaner you know it has A LOT of chemicals and can make the whole house smell like fake perfume. Using simple ingredients like white vinegar (this stuff is great for so many household cleaning chores) borax, baking soda and essential oils will de slime and de stink your washing machine naturally.

And don't forget to clean out the dryer occasionally to get rid of built up lint that will cause your dryer to need a longer cycle and can cause a house fire.

Thanks for joining us on our journey. We hope these tips will help you and your family with your Baby Step To Green.

Baby Steps To Green

Happy Spring!

Spring brings with it the feeling of renewal, regeneration and the desire to get things going!

-Seeds in the garden, spring cleaning, taking action on those New Year's resolutions or getting out and taking a springtime walk.

Spring is also the perfect time to start going green as a part of your path to a healthier lifestyle for your family.

It's tough knowing where to begin with so much info, and so many choices. Our BABY Steps To Going Green will make it easier and fun too!

Baby Step 1- Taking your shoes off before entering your home 

  • pesticides, germs and even antibiotic resistant bacteria can be found on your shoes? If your family is resistant to taking off their shoes, getting cozy slippers or 'house only' shoes will make it more inviting. Cozy toes and comfy feet will make this an easy change for your family. Find some helpful links below.
  • Toxins, bacteria, mud and dirt, even damaged floors - all from wearing outside shoes indoors. They can also be noisy and keeping your free flowing toes in shoes all day isn't healthy for your feet. Some cultures have observed shoes off lifestyle for a long time, and it's catching on here too as not only a healthy home choice, but as a sign of respect- "it mentally prepares you to make the transition of leaving the outside energy at the door and reminding you that you’re entering a different space.” says home organizer Marie Kondo.
  • Asphalt- The study also found that those who lived adjacent to asphalt pavements with coal-tar-based pavement sealants were at an increased risk of cancer. Most of the increase was in children.
  • Herbisides-2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic Acid was found in homes where this lawn chemical was applied to the lawn either professionally or by the homeowner.                                                                                                          
  • Bacteria-One study found that 421,000 units of bacteria on average are on the outside of the shoe.                                                                                            
  • Cuts down on dirt- let dirt means LESS housework!!                                              
  • Improves foot health- going barefooted or shoe free is good for your feet.                                                                                                                                       

Subscribe and follow us on social media for our weekly BABY STEPS newsletter with easy tips and tricks on going green without feeling overwhelmed. 

Spring Has Sprung!

Happy St. Patty's Day, and Happy Spring!

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Happy Holidays

Our charming original 'Happy Holidays' art piece by local Maine artist is just perfect this holiday season.

Nostalgic whimsy in either a 5x7 high quality print or gift card set of 4 with kraft paper envelopes.  Cards are blank inside. 


5x7 Happy Holidays print, suitable for framing 

Happy Holiday gift card set (4 cards and envelopes)


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Happy Halloween!

If you're trying to go a little or a lot more healthy or organic this Halloween here are a few fun tips. Healthy but still plenty of fun!  

Just replace traditionally grown ingredients with organic or homegrown  ingredients in any recipe and ta da! You can use all of your old recipes, no changes needed. 

Organic Roasted Pumpkin Seeds- replace organic or home grown pumpkin seeds in this Pumpkin Seed recipe when available and voila'   

Pumpkin Pie-  a fall time classic. You can follow this organic pie recipe or just use organic ingredients where you can in your own repipe for a healthier halloween. 

Fruits and Veggies treats- How about tangy 'tangerine' pumpkins, spooky 'carrot' eyeballs, 'apple' witches teeth and more! Check out these fun and totally healthy snack recipes here.

Just about any recipe can be greened up a bit by using organic or homegrown ingredients.  Even costumes and decorations can be made from reused, recycled and upcycled things you have around the house.

Keep it fun, and simple and remember  to have a super duper happy Halloween with your family this year!


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Give the expectant mama a great gift she'll  appreciate for years. The Humanity Family Sleeper is the perfect shower gift. Featured in 2018 best baby shower gifts @

Here's what they said-

Here is a really useful and unique gift for moms who plan on co sleeping. Cosleeping comes with its own unique set of challenges, including diaper leaks and keeping squirmy babies safe from the edge of the bed. Many cosleeping families place their mattress on the ground, but this is still a pretty big drop for an infant. It is best to have something at the edge of the bed to block their way and prevent any falls. This pillow does just that, and it will not wiggle out of place in the middle of the night because mom and baby sleep on top of the attached pad. The pad also provides an extra layer of absorption if there is a leaky diaper accident. Even if she is not planning on cosleeping, this pad can help create a safe play space on the bed for when she is just relaxing with her baby. The pillow also doubles as a body pillow while she is pregnant. The pillow and pad are made of eco friendly organic cotton and an eco-poly fill inside of the pillow. (Click the pic for a link)

Humanity Organics Plus

Humanity Organics has been providing cozy organic co-sleepers, body pillows, bean bags, yoga accessories and more for nearly 20 years.

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We're excited to add locally made hand crafted items, from adorable solar powered lawn homes to acorn ornaments.


These handcrafted pieces are made using new, recycled and natural bits. Made in the USA by local families.  

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