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Rave Reviews!


Rave reviews

Read what happy families around the globe are saying about the Humanity Family Sleeper


8 years- 4 babies

I thought it was about time to thank you for making the past eight years of cosleeping our four children such a beautiful experience. We have used the family sleeper every night since we first bought it and it has been invaluable to our family. A huge heartfelt Thank You!



5.0 out of 5 stars Better Sleep for Everyone, June 27, 2011

This co-sleeping pad has been a lifesaver (or more likely marriage saver!) for my family.
I have a very restless 8 month old. He starts off in his crib in a deep sleep and about 5 hours later starts rolling around. He gets his legs and arms through the bars and cries and then scoots up and hits his head. My husband was working away from home for awhile so I would just bring the baby in bed with me at this point. When the hubby came back home, I was worried that he would roll or otherwise hurt the baby because he is also a restless sleeper who tends to throw his arms out to the side. However, I did not want to put baby on my other side for fear that he would roll off of the bed. So some totally sleepless nights ensued during which I tried to settle baby in his crib with no success. Hubby was upset with no sleep for work, and I was upset because no sleep for me and baby kept hurting himself on the bars of the crib.
Something had to give. I had looked at this co-sleeper pad a long time ago and thought it was way too expensive. However, what is the cost of having no sleep? Hubby drives long distances to work and was having trouble staying alert. The cheaper "anti-roll" bed devices were just bed rails or foam that slipped under your sheet. Neither seemed like a good option for us. A bedrail would be the crib all over again and the foam just looked like it would not fit nicely under my already snug sheets. So we talked it over and decided to order it.
First night after we got it, we all slept better. When baby wakes, he comes into bed and I don't have to worry about hubby hurting him or baby rolling off of the bed. It makes night time nursing a breeze and the cotton absorbs spills wonderfully so there is no need to change the whole bed. I find it very soft and comfortable, it is however, slightly hotter than a regular sheet for summer use, but not to the point where I would stop using it. There is plenty of room for me, hubby and baby, however, we do have a king size bed.
Overall, it was definitely worth the price and I would definitely recommend it to other parents. I am so thankful that this worked for us!!



I'm telling everyone I know how much I love my Humanity Sleeper! I'm so glad I purchased one - I don't know how I ever lived without it. We use it EVERY day, and it brings me such peace of mind knowing that my son can sleep safely on that side of the bed. The Humanity Sleeper is the wisest purchase I've ever made for our family, and one that I'll continue to recommend. WE LOVE IT!! Thanks for making such a much needed and terrific product.



We received our Humanity Family Bed a few days ago, and it is wonderful! At first I thought I must have stopped leaking breastmilk at night...but sure enough, I still leak, we're just not in a puddle anymore! It's also so much easier getting in and out of bed with the HFB versus a guard rail. Your lavender is the most fragrant I have every smelled! It's just wonderful. Our whole bedroom smells divine.



I had always just assumed I would push our bed up against the wall, but now I have a new option with your bolster and I am thrilled.



I received the Humanity Sleeper today and I LOVE it! My son was so excited we laid in bed and played for 30 mins!



I have your Humanity Family Bed and love it! Thank you.

Krisina F. -Germany


We love, love, LOVE our Humanity Sleeper co-sleeping pad--it was a worthwhile investment, great during those leaky early weeks of breastfeeding, and though we've had diaper leaks we have never had a mattress-saturation situation... We just bought two pads, so that when we were troubled by wet spots I could change the pad without stripping the entire bed--then go back to bed and not worry about laundry until morning.

Natalie- CA


I've just read about the Humanity Family Bed in Sarah Buckley's "Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering." Finally, an answer to all of my concerns about bed-sharing with our first bub due mid-July! Thanks so much for your help!
Kind regards,

Alyse, Australia


My family has been enjoying our family sleeper for almost a year now, and we LOVE it! Our only regret is that we didn't buy it sooner. Thanks!



Your website is very impressive. Simple and easy to use. You've done a great job.

Kind regards,

Natalie C. -Australia

Thank you very much for the prompt service.

Amanda -VA

Thanks for the great customer service! I'll definitely recommend friends.

mkm CA


We received our Humanity Family Sleeper today, thank you so much for your help in getting it to us, I really appreciate it.... thank you so much for coming through in such a big way!!

Looking forward to safe and sound sleep tonight,
Dana S and Family


Congratulations on such a wonderful product!

Diedre C. Australia


I'm a most satisfied customer having purchased the Family Bed Sleeper. I use it all the time/all over...I can't go without it. I have a 4-month old co-sleeping and it's the only way I feel safe doing so.

Marie IL


We've received the family sleeper and we all love it. I'm sleeping more
soundly already! Thank you!

Heather B -NJ


I can sleep so much better now! thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!



No more wet sheets! I'm telling all of my friends.

Sara- NewYork


I've really enjoyed using the Humanity Family Sleeper as a body pillow for the past few nights! It was so convenient to have it pre-washed and ready to snuggle up to and I really appreciate the lavendar bag. Thanks so much, you have a great product and I can't wait to share it with baby.



I am really impressed with The Family Bed!



Thank you for putting up your site, creating your Humanity Sleeper family bed accessory, and for the good information you have posted about the cornerstones of natural living and attachment parenting.



I am so happy with your product. I've never felt so good about spending $200. Thanks.

Jonna - MN


thank you for your good service!

Jennifer- Canada


We love our Humanity Family Sleeper. Thanks,

Miranda, Canada


What a great product - the Humanity Family Bed.


Peter B.- Australia


The Family Sleeper is very high quality, the organic cotton is super soft, the material is heavy duty. Top of the line all the way! It's a wonderful design, we need to stop feeling guilty about recommending co-sleeping and make it safer, you have done just that!

Kristina V.- Whitefish MT


I absolutely love my Humanity Family Bed, I don't know what we would do without it.

Lili, Michigan


I just got the Humanity Family Bed co-sleeper pillow, and I love it!!!!!!!!


Nancy R


I purchased a Humanity Family Bed nearly 3 years ago. It has been by far the best "baby" purchase we have made. Our fourth baby was born in March of this year. Once again, the Humanity Bed has proved to be one of the best investments we have made.

Becky B.


I wanted to send a note to let you know how pleased and happy we are with our Humanity Family Sleeper! The material is so soft and comfortable, we had no idea it would be this nice!
We have also had some of the best night sleeps now, with the security of the sleeper.
Thank you.

Kristin, Jason and Gavan A.


Wonderful!I love this thing! It was well worth the price knowing that my daughter is safe and it is made from organic cotton.

CD Carter, Orlando FL

Co Sleeping dream! This was exactly what our family was looking for. This ensures our baby is safe while giving my husband and I the opportunity to cuddle. The three of us sleep so much better now. We like it much better then the seperate cosleeping nest (the type you set in the middle of the bed) that we were using before. It is easy to wash and will make holiday traveling so much easier. It is well worth the expense.

Tootsie "Isabella's mom"

Safer way to sleep with baby. We use this in our bed and love it. I like having the baby on my side instead of the middle so the covers don't get tossed over her. The flannel is very cozy for us to sleep on and it is easy to wash. Highly recommended for all co-sleeping parents.

Mama Temba Seattle

A must have for co-sleeping. High quality organic cotton, very absorbant. Prevents baby or child from rolling off of adult bed. We love this sleeper. You'll finally get the sleep you need because you won't worry about your baby falling out of bed. This really helped make night time breastfeeding so much nicer and convenient. Highly recommend this product.


It has been over a year now since we purchased the family co-sleeper and I wanted to let you know how we were doing.We still use the family sleeper! Our son gets so snuggly and happy when he sees mama putting it on the bed! The quality of the co-sleeper has held up superbly! Wash after wash, it is still like new. Oh....and the peaceful night sleeps!!! Ahhh!
Well, just had to let you know that we are just so thrilled, still to this day with our co-sleeper. And thank you for your wonderful customer service.
All our best to you and yours.


This is one of the most amazing products that I have ever used. The humanity family bed has the ability to give a first time mom peace of mind. Thank you so much for a great product, I will be recommending to my friends.


I wanted to let you know that I love the Humanity Bed! It works great. I wish I'd had something similar to this with my first baby! The fabric is so soft and I sleep so much better knowing that the cushion is there. Thanks again for the great product,

Angel F.

As a chiropractor and a bed-sharing mom of 3, I recommend the humanity bed to ALL of my patients and friends (through discussion and my website). I've used it through my pregnancies, then when we were all in bed together minutes after thier homebirths and now my daughter has it on her bed to prevent her from rolling off. My independent children love to be close, but when they move into thier own beds, they love the comfort of the humanity bed. I love it as a mom, because it makes for less laundry and is super comfy and safe. But, I love it as a doctor, because it has prevented all of our children from injurying themselves from rolling off the bed.

Dr. Jennifer P.

I just wanted to let you know I am on my second child with the humanity family sleeper, and love it more than ever! The absorbency can't be beat, and the fact that it stays put and doesn't crumple under me when I roll over is terrific. We use it as a bed divider, (with a bedrail on the outside) so that older child and Dad can sleep on one side, and mom and baby on the other, so we can all sleep safely together!

Suzanne NYC

Really Happy With It. I did a lot of research into different co-sleeping options and decided not to get this product with my first son due to the price. I ended up not co-sleeping for very long with him because we have a raised bed and I had a lot of fears that something would happen to him. In hindsight, I regretted not co-sleeping (it was so much harder having him sleeping in crib). 2 years later when I got pregnant again, I redid all the research of co-sleeping options and found myself back at the Humanity Family Bed. I'm so happy I went with this product. Co-sleeping has been amazing and the Humanity Co-Sleeper is perfect. I don't have any fears that he will slip out or it will move (like some of the other co-sleeping options). I read a review that the fabric was rough, but I find it very soft and quite pleasant to sleep on. I haven't had any problems with it bunching, as another review said. It is very easy to pull off and wash or roll up and place at the bottom of the bed or top. We have a large bed, so the size of the pillow is perfect. What I've spent in money, I've saved in peace of mind and extra hours of comfortable co-sleeping. I would highly recommend it as an option.
January 3, 2010

M. Geyer

5.0 out of 5 stars Great Product, March 27, 2009

This review is from: Humanity Family Bed Co Sleeping Pad (Baby Product)
This is a great product. It is well made and easy to use and wash. The organic cotton cloth is soft and comfortable to sleep on. My only regret is that I didn't buy it sooner. My baby is almost 9 months old and I wish I would've had it from the get go. But the product is terrific, the company delivered it quickly and without complications. I highly recommend this seller and product.

Cara L. M. Griffith

5.0 out of 5 stars We LOVE this cosleeping option, March 26, 2011

We bought the Humanity Family Bed Sleeping Pad when we realized our bed was too tall for a sidecar-type cosleeper, and we are extremely impressed with this product. The cotton cover is thick, soft, and absorbant (and didn't shrink in the wash or dryer). The bumper pillow is a genius way to keep our little one from falling off the bed, and it has been constructed in such a way that our baby can't get trapped against it and suffocate. We are very pleased and so glad we're using this option instead of the sidecar cosleeper, as it gives us more snuggle time with our newborn and makes nighttime feedings much easier and less disruptive.

K. Henney